5 Things that you might be forget in Azure DevOps

One DevOps solution that can be used for free and is easy to use is; ah Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps has many features for teams that want to deliver solutions quickly and sustainably. In this article we will discuss five things that you might forget when using Azure DevOps.

#1 You Can Import Your Github Repos to Azure DevOps

You have a project that has been saved on Github. And you have the desire to continue on Azure DevOps? The good news is that Azure DevOps supports imports from Github. The thing to do is quite simple, just choose import from repository and all your code will be copied. For more details, please refer to the following link 

#2 Converting your private project into public 

You have a personal project and want to share it as an open source project. So Azure Devops supports the process of changing projects from private to public and vice versa. Just follow the steps below and you can share the spirit of open source with the world

#3 Choosing the Software Method

Maybe you are accustomed to using Scrum, but did you know that Azure DevOps has various Agile or formal methods support. You can choose basic, CMMI, agile, and Scrum. When choosing a different process, the terminology, approach, and also Boards will change. Intrigued by the difference please see the following link

#4 Managing Requirements Better 

Azure DevOps especially Azure Board has a solution to manage software requirements. Azure DevOps can manage work items, sprints, and test cases. Check out the various software at Azure DevOps that can help you here

#5 Productive with Queries 

When we finish a project. Bugs, work items, and tasks need to be searched and traced quickly. Some use the default search engine, some scroll from one page to another. Did you know if there is a repeat search approach with queries. Check out how to do the following link

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