Eleven Things That You Should Know in Windows 11

Windows 11 is there! despite the Windows 10 is great, the successor Windows 11 will be better than the Windows 10. Windows 11 is available in October for the RTM (Ready to Market) and for the insider ring it will be there in July 2021. So, this is 11 things that you need to know about Windows 11.

#1 It is a free upgrade for Windows 10 user.

As we know, Microsoft does not make a lot of money in a Windows. Microsoft push the platform adoption through OEM and Free Upgrade. The platform adoption of Windows 10 is quite successful. Therefore, you will get a free upgrade starting in the October – December 2021.

#2 It does not need a strong hardware.

You can use similar hardware in Windows 11. You can use with at least 4 GB of RAM with compatible x86 processor. You can check your computer by visiting this link https://aka.ms/GetPCHealthCheckApp

#3 It looks like MAC.

What can I say, Windows 11 = Windows 10 + Mac Look and Feel?

If you are a mac lover, just try the Windows 11 for 'better' 'open' 'ecosystem.'

#4 The King of Gaming Platform

Windows leads the position for serious gamer by delivering the latest DirectX and of course XBOX Game Pass. It means you can play with majority gaming platform such as STEAM, XBOX, Origins, and many more.

#5 Android (Linux) Subsystem

In the past, you can run Android Apps through My Phone. Today, you can run your Android App natively without connecting to your phone. It means you can sideload APK file and run just like you run in the Android.

#6 Integrating Live Meeting Features in Windows

You do not need to install Zoom, WebEx, or Teams. Windows 11 will have built-in Team's client that will make your work from home is fruitful!

#7 Widgets, Start Menu, and Taskbar Facelifted!

What can I say, it has Widgets like Android, Start menu like a Mac, and beautiful Wallpaper like a Samsung!

#8 Setup Process is just like Windows 10.

Cortana still help you when you setup your Windows 11. It similar experience, you can expect quick installation between 10-30 minutes depends on your machine.

#9 Explorer and Control Center still like Windows 10

You will have short learning curve since the Windows 11 will have similar experience in File Explorer and others

#10 New Microsoft Store

It's not only about the redesigned store. It about how developer can submit win32 apps in Microsoft Store. So your application that executed through .exe or .msi will be available in this store.

#11 The Upgrade for Pen Users

Gesture is improved, Pen Application is upgrade. If you are heavy user with active-pen like me you will see a lot improvement in the app and inking system

So, are you ready for Windows 11? Put in the comment below about your thinking!

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