Test Driven Development in Today, Is it Possible?

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a well-known approach in programming practices. TDD works by delivering the test before the code activities. It works by using Red Green Refactor technique. Red-Green-Refactor technique are the technique where the developer creates a test code to create failure (RED) after that create a implementation code to pass the test codes (GREEN) and refactor to make it great. It looks simple in the theory but in the reality is a different story.


The Challenge in TDD

TDD (Test Driven Development) is developed in the era of object-oriented programming. A component like algorithm, business logic, or simple method can work well. But when we face more complicated one such as MVC architecture, dependency with the database, or software changes will make the effort higher.

Solving the Problem

Fortunately, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Codes has a built-in test-driven development tools to make you productive. You will find the tutorial here Test-driven development walkthrough - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

Mocking is the most preferred way when we face TDD. You can download the free e-book here, In the conclusion you need great mocking tool such as Telerik Just Mock, Moq, or others. My recommendation is to download

·        Just Mock Lite https://www.telerik.com/justmock/free-mocking

·        Just Mock https://www.telerik.com/products/mocking.aspx

In the next post, I will describe and deploy the Just Mock in Visual Studio, happy weekend.

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