Is Debugging still needed for test driven development?

Test Driven DevelopmentOne of the implementation of eXtreme Programming is test driven development. Test driven development uses unit test to make sure the consistency and quality of the codes. Test driven development is started with the unit test in mind.
  •   Creating unit test project
  • Designing unit test codes
  • Running the unit test and make it fail
  • Creating the codes to make it pass
  •  Running the unit test
So are we still need a debugger. The answer is Absolutely we just make sure the codes it worked, but we forgot there is some possibility such as
  •  Wrong data inputted by the customer
  • Network and configuration
  • Process anomaly
Therefore, the bugs possibility still exist and we still need a great debugger to make developer productive.  Getting started in DebuggerDebugging process is not only run with the debugger and do step by step. Debugging consists several activity such as
  •  creating break point. it can be casual breakpoint, inline breakpoint (breakpoint for single but complex statement), conditional breakpoint (breakpoint that only works based on specific expression)
  • Setting variable to watch
  • Running the debugger
  • Analyzing the process and watched variable
  • Finding the bug and fix it.
  • Running the unit test to make sure that the codes don't break
  Debugger in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Codes Visual Studio and Visual Studio Codes has several great features to debug such as
  • Turn back the time. The debugger on Visual Studio not only can slow the codes so we can think but also we can step backward
  • Logpoints. The logpoints create unique model of the breakpoint. Logpoints save the breakpoint information into a log. Log can be learned later.
  • Remote debugging. The remote debugging feature helps you to debug the deployed system such azure VM, app services, web, or universal windows store app. You can learn here about remote debugging.  
want to learn more, you can visit the debugger here

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