Simplifying IoT solution with Cloud Computing

Creating IoT environment and solution is not an easy task. There are several challenges that we face such as the heterogenic of the device, security, and the complexity management solution of IOT. Fortunately, we have a cloud who can reduce the risk of integration, management, and the lack of security. Yesterday, I discussed how Cloud Computing can solve the IoT issue. The event that held by 165 participants in UTY (Universitas Technology Yogyakarta). It executed on 10 April 2021. The key discussion in this event is:

High Level IoT architecture

On this part, we should understand several IoT Architecture. For example, in Azure we have two main architectures.

  • Centralized model. On this model, we have Azure IoT Central as software as a service that help to manage our plug and play device

  • Gateway model. On this model, gateway become a hub to connect the IoT device and forward the data to the processing solution such as streaming analytics or power bi


Microsoft Product Portfolio

Microsoft has ready to use solution to fulfill the main scenario.

Video tutorial

VSID has a video tutorial that can be viewed here

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