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Today you might need a software to help your business grow. And you have a lot of choice. On this article, we want to discuss general and logical thinking when building application based on today development toolkit. You can find the logical thinking by following this flow.

Flow 1. Is your application is already fulfilled by buying off the shelf software?

  • If yes. It means you can buy the software
  • If no, or you can't afford to buy the software you can start to build it and Go to Flow 2

Flow 2. Do you have a time and budget to create a software?

  • If yes, you can start the software development journey and go to flow 3.
  • If no, you can use ready to use or open-source software

Flow 3. Is your business process is fulfilled by some of the existing software?

  • If yes, check is the software can be integrated or extended through software development kit
  • If no, you can create the software from the beginning and go to flow 4.

Flow 4. Is there any software development framework or CMS that you can use?

  • If yes, you can learn the framework and the CMS to make you more productive.
  • If no, you can build with some modern technology for future investment and go to flow 5

Flow 5. Is your software can run in the container platform

Lastly, never forget to invest with the programming language that your team interested

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