Five tips for changes management

Building software is not like building a home. There are a lot of changes after the software is developed. Today, we will discuss five tips to reduce changes. Let's get started

Tips 1 - Requirements lock

Before you accept the project make sure that you already know the business process, shared vision, and commitment between your customer and you. You can do that by creating changes management rule. For example, customer can request changes for seven minor changes and five major changes. If customer neglect that they can be charged

Tips 2 - Intense communication 

Create a routine between you and your customer. For example, you can do daily communication, weekly meeting, and monthly progress report. Create a routine based on your capability and customer availibility. By doing this, you can eliminate late changes.

Tips 3 - Involving the 'Boss'

Sometime, you works with a business user or end user. End user knows what they need, but the final decission is still on the Boss. Therefore is a good idea to loop the 'Boss' / The project sponsor when you have important communication, such major changes, new feature deployed, or business process confirmation. You will know the real boss by looking who approve and changes the software feature.

Tips 4 - Streamlining the changes process

You should have firm procedure to changes management process. You can create SOP or implement ticket system of changes. You need to sosialize the changes process so that you and your customer agree with the process. never push the customer to use your process

Tips 5 - Communicate the change progress

You need to provide information about changes progress. Tell your customer, your progress and get their input earlier. 

how about you do you have specific tips?


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