Understanding Blob Storage on Azure (Video)

Today, I managed daily operation to backup my database into a bacpac file. Bacpac is another version data structure on SQL Server. it is just like .bak on casual SQL Server but more compatible with the SQL Azure. Bacpac in SQL Azure is stored on Blob Storage. Blob (Binary Large Object) is a storage model that support for high capacity files such as multimedia file, document, or even database backup. This Indonesian video will show you the blob storage concept in Windows Azure

Migrating SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure

This three minutes video will show you how to migrate your SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure. After watching this video you should care some detail of the migration such as SQL Azure have no support on View and SQL Assembly so make sure you remove it before migration process SQL Azure migration doesn’t connect your application directly with SQL Azure, Be sure to link the resources on your Azure role  SQL Azure migrate will move schema and the data Cheers, @ridife

Tips to Migrate Your Windows Azure Web

Problem You want to move your Windows Azure solution Web Site from your subscriptions to the others Solution Solution A. Make Sure it has same service administrator If you have a same service administrator email between your source subscription and the target subscription, you just contact the support to move the web for you. For example, my subscription A used my [email protected] and my target subscription use the [email protected] . if the condition exists just contact Azure Support Here Solution  B. Move your Web Manually This solution has several steps but it worth to try if you don’t have same account between services administrator. Configure SQL Server so that you can access it through SQL Server Management Studio, you can do that by following these steps Connecting your SQL Azure using SQL Server Management Studio. This tutorial shows you how to do that Select your database, select the context menu, select tasks, and then copy the database to the azure SQL database. Make sure you are using SQL Server 2012 management studio and both SQL Azure is allowed to connect from your IP Address Open your website configuration and select dashboard, in the right pane, you can see the FTP and the credentials. if you forgot the password of your FTP just select. Reset your deployment Credentials Use an application like FileZilla or others FTP client to connect to the server using the login that you get from the source dashboard. Download the /wwwroot folder to yours local file After finished, open the web.config and configure the new connection string from your target database. Be sure to changes and option that related with the servers Now create a new website site in your target subscriptions and connect to the FTP services using your FTP client Transferring your files, and your web site is migrated That’s it, if you want to learn azure more you can grab several good book like below (and it less than 15$) 

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