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Startup is a way where dream is driven. Yes, many company like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, is a startup in their era. And today, they become the enterprise of technology. Becoming a startup today is a huge agenda with a lot opportunity and challenges. For example, today startup can easily build a software and sell the software to the world by using Windows Store market. However, today startup also face an innovation crisis such as investment issues, software quality issues, and financial crisis issues. today we will start a chapter about how to prepare your startup to implement ALM in order to build solution or product on Microsoft platform.

  • Understanding the Microsoft Technology portfolio. When your investor ask you to build a software to convert their excel into a good locking report that stored on the cloud. You should know about Office technology that capable to do that by using modern Office SDK. This knowledge can easily obtain by visiting
  • Understanding the development limitation and opportunity. When your investor ask you how to enable a tight integration between Lync and their forum, you should understand about the Lync API. This knowledge can easily obtain by visiting
  • Understanding the market opportunity. You should understand that you can sell a software on Windows Store, windows Phone Store, Office Store, and Azure Data Store. This knowledge can be achieved
  • Preparing the tools by starting from free. You should know that you can store your codes, build and compile your codes using a free technology environment and of course deploy directly to the store or to the web. This knowledge can be found at
  • Ready to become a Microsoft Partners?, there are a lot of opportunity to learn and to develop with Microsoft support. Microsoft supports the ISV by giving them an option to join as Microsoft Partners. The best benefit of Microsoft Partners like Bizspark (free Microsoft Software for two years), Microsoft Pinpoint (sell and empower your market through Microsoft supported marketing tools), and Onsite Training Benefits. You can enroll to

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