Visual Studio 2015 Installation Tips

Visual Studio 2015 is there, you will have three versions of Visual Studio such as Visual Studio 2015 Community, Visual Studio 2015 Professional, Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, and Visual Studio Tester. Despite of the version, this is several tips before you install the Visual Studio

  • Download the ISO not the Web Installer. Web installer will make your installation longer even you have 20 Mbps connection. Trust me download the ISO as the first action.
  • Install with Good internet connection. Although you already has the ISO, you STILL need internet connection. Some of third party need internet connection to get latest version.
  • Install it with your Windows 10 license. If you have a plan to create a brilliant Universal App. Please make sure you already use Windows 10 before the installation
  • Install typical installation and then install based on your need. The typical installation will cover you desktop and web development with C# and VB. After the installation, you can easily add the other features such as mobile, multi-platform, and of course office development.
  • Install SQL Server 2012 latest update (SP) after the installation to make your Data driven development fruitful.
  • The last but not least, install Windows Azure SDK by using Web Pi or Visual Studio Extension.

Have a good or bad experience with Visual Studio 2015 installation? Please share your opinion

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