Information System Engineering on Pragmatic Way

Every information system has unique way to fulfil the user needs. This article will guide you to five steps that you need to building information system by following pragmatic .

Step 1 Planning the Application Types

After doing several meetings with you customer, it is a good idea to justify what types of the information system. Running on the web, mobile, desktop, or as a plugin, lets your customer choose except they don't have an idea

Step 2 Planning the Application Tiers

Is the application on a single server, two server, distributed servers, or more? You can estimate based on the customer needs and budget. On this step, you decide what you can propose to the customer based on their realistic constraint such as budget, existing infrastructures, and expectation

Step 3 Planning the Data Source and Access

The technical teams should gather what kind of data that want to be collected. The database engineer starts the database design and discuss it with the entire team.

Step 4 Creating the User Interface

On this step, your technical team proposes what kind of user interface that will be developed by the team. The designer, front end developer can create flow low fidelity to high fidelity solution

Step 5 Follow the Software Method

Whether you are SCRUM lover, eXtreme Programming Geeks, or mini-Waterfall minded you can adopt your discipline for better software. We will discuss this on the next session

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