Information System Development Patterns in Information Economic Era

Information System (IS) is everywhere. From small market, medium company, and huge enterprise already use the information system. Nowadays IS is complex but it should simple as possible. IS product is everywhere, but the product has a short lifetime during the competition with others product, low agility with business process, and slow adoption to the new organization.

The short lifetime is not the only option. There is an opportunity for new ISV to learn and build local software that can be used for today and tomorrow. In this blog post, it is called as IS Development Patterns in Information Economic Era.

IS Developer Patterns for An Analyst

Learn the data structure technology, software architecture and business process first. Please focus with one domain of IS at a time. You can reach the other IS domain when your organization ready

IS Developer Patterns for Developer

Learn the SQL and database technology, select the right tool and right framework to keep your code and architecture is consistent

IS Developer Patterns for Designer

Learn the Web standard, UX for mobile technology, and tool that help designer and developer can work together

Learn more, you can grab the my presentation slide here

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