Engineering Design on Information System Development

Creating information system is not difficult with the help of software and today computing technology. However, to make information system that can help organization or business to develop their business and sustain their business is not an easy task. Therefore, the engineering design takes places. If you want to build and to operate the information system, these are four important things that you need to learn.

The business process re-engineering

  • Understanding how the business works.
  • Analyzing the problems on the business
  • Identifying constraint on the business to go digitally

The project management mindset on information system

  • Information system and ethics
  • Formal or Agile Project Management
  • Managing the IS project with DevOps

The Prototyping and Design Process

  • Prototyping the Information System
  • Work Design Framework
  • Leaping the Prototype into Architecture and Information Structure

The Modern Information System

  • Software as a Services Development (Cloud Information System)
  • Conversational as a platform Development (Bot Information System)
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Knowledge Management and Digital Asset Information System
  • Decision Support, Data Analytics, and Cognitive Information System

If you are an engineer, what things that you want to learn? Just share on the comment below.

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