Utilizing OneNote and Microsoft Teams to Manage Software Project

A good way does not always a good thing

We already know that Azure DevOps and many project management tools provide a good way to manage a project. However, sometimes it doesn't work for your team. This article will discuss how to implement Lean Software Development Process with small investment for small startup. This article is a next chapter of this article. Let's get started

What you need

  • Microsoft Teams you can obtain free at teams.microsoft.com
  • Microsoft OneNote you can obtain free at onenote.com
  • Source codes versioning you can obtain free from github.com or visualstudio.com

How we do that

  • Create your Microsoft Teams Group Chat. You can follow this guide
  • Create a new tab in Microsoft Teams and add OneNote Tabs. You can follow this guide
  • Add seven section on your Microsoft OneNote
    • Requirements: providing a clear requirement for business, users, and solutions
    • Design: providing a detail of your solution. It includes solution architecture, information architecture, and mock-up
    • Codes: providing lost and found snippet from the internet (Stack overflow and others)
    • Defects: list of defects that founded by the tester or customer
    • Changes: list of changes that requested by the customer
    • Deployments: list of deployments information such as publish profile, YAML template, and any credentials that needed to access the system. You can protect it with the password if necessary
    • Meeting: list of meeting notes


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