Preparing your Global Software Development on The Cloud

Live is not as easier with the cloud. Today, the entire software development collaboration can be done through the cloud. We called it cloud enabled software engineering collaboration (CESEC). CESEC plays major role on today Global Software Development (GSD). GSD is a way, when the development team and the client might be separated in terms of place and time. Yes, we can build our own GSD infrastructure, but it will take a time and of course hardware and license investment. Today we will discuss what we need to enable CESEC.

Starting from Collaboration Platform

GSD is about communication that works between team and customer. This means the collaboration is the fundamental investment that need to prepare. As easy as smile, You can obtain the collaboration platform like office 365. It provides you a set of collaboration tools such as:

  • Exchange Online (Email, Calendar, Task, and Contact). It can be integrated between members on your team. I.e. use same contact for list of entire customer, and schedule meting together
  • Skype for Business (online conference system). It can help team to engage and to create online meeting without pay full price for flying.
  • SharePoint Online (Collaboration portal system). It can help you store, monitor, and manage projects artefacts on one centralized site.
  • Office 365 Pro Plus (Your Personal Office as always). It helps you to create report, present a slide, and manage your desk works.
    • Word: create your progress report and any document for the project.
    • Excel: create quotes, estimation, event monitoring the testing result.
    • OneNote: create knowledge collaboration through several technical issues, findings, and project communication notes.
    • PowerPoint: create storyboard, presentation, even interactive video for end-user manual
    • OneDrive for Business: Sync your project files with unlimited files
    • Outlook: Bound your email and plan the project schedule and tasks
    • Publisher: Create software package, software pamphlet, and quick guide poster for your software
    • Access: recaps a feedback from customer, building a quick prototype for data aware application
  • Project Professional for Office 365. Manages your timeline and task on Project management

That's it you can join Office 365 for your small ISV at

Preparing the Development Infrastructure

At this step, you can register to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure will help you to create and to manage infrastructure such as:

  • Creating developers machine with visual studio 2015 and others development software
  • Creating development or staging server
  • Creating production server and bill the customer based on the usage
  • Creating a backup for your important assets

You can subscribe at

Finishing with the Application Lifecycle Management tools

You can enrol to Visual Studio Online to obtain:

  • Personal requirement management tools through visual studio online
  • Storing and managing source codes
  • Planning and managing software build
  • Planning and managing software tests

You can join on and grab five seats for free.

That's it, you can start your ISV today with the cloud, and the best of all, if you are micro-ISV, who has limited budget you can enrol Bizspark to get the above facilities for free investment at See you in the cloud!

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