8 Steps to Survive in Windows 8 Hackathon Yogyakarta

Building a software in a night will be your great test for your survivebility. There is a good event in Yogyakarta called Windows 8 Hackathon, with more than 1000 developers registered (including you!), we encourage you to win and survive. Therefore, you must prepare enough to 24 hours battle here are the 8 step for survival preparation for Windows 8 Hackathon events Activating your Live ID. Yes, you can register to Hackathon without Live ID but for activating Windows 8 and activating Developer License for Visual Studio 11 you need live ID, get it at http://account.live.com  Install Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 Beta, you can get the Windows 8 here and Visual Studio 11 Here. Clean up your old laptop will be good or use other partitions. Bring your notebook to the Hackathon  Create your team. In an opinion the proper team contains three or more people. If you fight as lonely developer be sure to prepare yourself in term of health and mentally. The team is more preferable for Hackathon. For example, if you have three person you can assign several roles such as developer, designer, and analyst Building your app and your idea before the event. Starting earlier is fine, there are no rule that you should build from zero in the events. You can develop before the event and show them when it is done.  Choosing the right technology based on your current skill. If your team be able to code with HTML5 don't force yourselves to code in XAML. Be quick as possible, shortest learning curve is needed for Hackathon. Building a simple software. It will be great to build a mini counter strike game with metro apps, but if you just have 5 days you can develop any simple application. Simple math for student will be great if you make the software seriously  Preparing the assets. Metro Apps is the UX war, so please prepare the design assets such as icon, background image, and others IX related stuff. UX shall make your app perfect. Bring the survival kit. Bring your personal kit such as deodorant, coding t-shirt, meal kit, or even a sleeping bag!. Trust me you need it because is 24 hours coding game    That's enjoy the game and if you want to register just visit http://aka.ms/mdcjogja 

8 Steps to Start Building Your Windows 8 Apps

This article will cover what we need to know first in order to build Windows 8 Apps. If you already read this article why don’t you register to the biggest Windows 8 events in Yogyakarta at here You can download the Indonesian article here or read online here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2710142/id-id

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