Web Services Getting Started Book

Although web services is and old technology on 2000’. The need to understand web services is still exist and important. The idea of web services doing a communication mechanisms, standardization of syntax, and distributed architecture will help you to design the future services. There are several book that I recommend you to learn about web services. Book 1 – Web Services essentials If you want to quick review the web services architecture, needs a refreshment for your master degree thesis as theoritical background. This book is for you. It has a lot of theoritical and practical issues on a web services. Book 2 – Sams Teach Yourself Web Services 24 hours If you want to learn step-by-step, focusing on how to develop a web services on any web platform this book is for you. This book is  good for your starting point when you want to build your own web services. Book 3 – Web Services, SOA, and Cloud Computing This managerial like book is a good starting point for non-it people like manager, stakeholder, or newbie student that want to know the global evolution of web services. This book has plenty information about web services and others technology.

Testing and Kaizen in Agile Development

Recently, Microsoft Pattern and Practices released a good book about testing for continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2012. This book covers an Agile process in terms of testing and continuous improvement of your software by testing it iteratively. As mentioned in their pages This book is aimed at test engineers, managers, developers, and folks interested in understanding the changing world of test. Over the last several years, software testing has changed a great deal. In the past, test plans were on paper, filed away and out of sight. Today they are—or can be with Visual Studio—living documents, as manual and automated tests are integrating into the test workflow supported by the test infrastructure. Today you no longer have to set up physical boxes; instead you can set up and automate virtual environments composed of virtual machines to meet your testing environment needs. With Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, the pain of dealing with a heterogeneous test infrastructure is reduced, the cost and effectiveness of testing a product is improved, and regression testing becomes cost effective instead of a nightmare. Knowing how to test is important, but understanding how this new infrastructure is changing the business of testing and software delivery is critical. Today's businesses require nimble teams that can support continuous delivery and deal with updates and bugs in an agile fashion. It's what your customers have come to expect. In this guide, we follow a team as they move from a conventional approach to testing towards one more suited to the needs of present-day development. We see how they address the costs and the pain of their old methods by adopting the testing infrastructure of Visual Studio 2012. You can download the book here     Having a good time to learn you can bough a good book about testing and Agile here. Buy one and you never regret it.

Indonesian book about Application Lifecycle Management

This book is already written in December 2011, but the pulisher finsihed their work in October 2012. It not a perfect book but hope you can enjoy the fun of building an application in software engineering and ALM concept. You can find my latest book entritled "Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak yang dinamis dengan Global Extreme Programming" This book will tell you about how to Capturing dynamic and every day changes requirements Creating quick design and prototype for your solution Non technical things about your codes development Moving to the production line and release your software This book is Indonesian you can read the full abstract here Wanna buy online visit Bukukita.com or visit your near bookstore   P.S. this book is on the way in English format and will be published in Lap Lambert Publishing. If you are not an Indonesian people wait the English version

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