Developing OData in Visual Studio

When I need OData Your customer asks you to provide web service that can expose their own data that already in the information system. They want to access the data through Excel so that they can perform freestyle analytics. OData is a standard that help the developer to create an endpoint service that can be consumed through productivity tools or app like an Excel. On this article, we will discuss how to develop OData easily with Visual Studio. What is OData OData is a web services that exposed a data. It just like RSS Feed or any API that exposed data. OData can be built by following Data specification. You can read the specification here OData - the Best Way to REST. OData is not only display the data in readable format but also help you to read the data with the elegant way through query and REST. How to develop OData You can follow these steps: Creating API based on REST style. You should create Web API based on your data. You can visit Tutorial: Create a web API with ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs or Get Started with ASP.NET Web API 2 (C#) - ASP.NET 4.x | Microsoft Docs. If you are not developer, I recommend you use ready to use software like Microsoft SQL Server integration tools - import, export, sync - Skyvia. Consuming with REST style. You can grab the OData Client Generator for C# OData Client Code Generation Tool - OData | Microsoft Docs Learn how to query, add, and edit data. You can visit this tutorial Understand OData in 6 steps · OData - the Best Way to REST. You can visit Getting Started · OData - the Best Way to REST for the tutorial. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; How can Visual Studio Help? Visual Studio 2019 or later can help you develop OData easily based on several templates and packages. Extension. You can download extension that help you create OData service. I recommend you install one of these extension Nuget. You can download the package to help your codes right away based on the tutorial. You will find the OData package here NuGet Gallery | OData Hopefully this article will help you to crate OData services for your application. Enjoy your weekend.   medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

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