Estimating The Project on ALM MInimalist

If customer ask you how long this project will take? or how the software will be deliveres. The ALM Minimalisr provides you several ways to estimate the project. In Visual Studio Online, you can do that by filling the story point on the stories or tasks. This article will cover you several ways to estimathe the project using Agile and ALM Minimalist Story Points Story point is the default way to estimate the project. Story point is specific and subsjective based on the team. Story points is not related directly with the time but it’s related directly with the effort. it estimated by the developer. Story Point = Effort On a release, each iteration should have same numbers of story points Triangulation Estimating by relating between stories. For example, we have two stories. One story has 4 points, and the others has 6 points. If the third story is larger than story one and smaller than story two it might be 5 points. Theme and Epic Here are the simple way to understand Theme = simple stories that can be combined Epic = a huge stories that should be separated Theme and epis is a cacual way when you heard that the user story is to large for example story A has 20 points, if we separated into 5 stories, the total sum should be 20’ Planning Poker Estimating the stories by discussing with the client and the developer. Planning poker discuss the stories length by using a short workshop and poker game model. Good Book to Read

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