Using Visual Studio for Personal Software Process (PSP)

What is PSP Whether you are professional developer or just hobbyist, Building good software needs a strategy. If you are facing a short development time and quick prototyping might be you can use PSP (Personal software process). PSP is dedicated for a single fighter who need to build quick solution like building software component,  prototyping, console application, or might be windows client development. Some people might be used the PSP for Web client development. However, I encourage them to not use PSP but choose web engineering method with XP or Scrum. This article will follow PSP model and implement it in Visual Studio 2010. Let’s get started. In this article I will follow PSP based on this picture   PSP in Action As you can see there are five steps in PSP. We will do each step using our Visual Studio Professional 2010 or better version (like Team Suite) In initial step we will create a list of baseline personal process. a baseline that includes some basic measurements and a reporting form. Coding standard and how you record anything will be discussed here. Practically you can leave this step after you choose your coding standard and application type in Visual Studio. I recommend you to download this coding standard Coding Guidelines for C# 3.0 and C# 4.0 - CodePlex  Personal planning process. In this step, we create a list of tasks of the project. I recommend you to use Visual Studio use case to create a list of features and a list of to-do you can learn from here (learn how to use use case) (learn how to create tasks list) Personal Quality management, as you can see in the picture. this step will focus in construction aspect. Visual studio has several cool features about these such as Creating domain model or class diagram to give clear explanation about your design ( Doing a code analysis and review ( Refactoring the code to improve code readiness ( Testing the code ( Cycle personal process. In this step you can select various method in Agile method to implement cycle development. Please take a time to read this Scrum as a Simple Software Method  Feel free to discuss with me about ALM solution in Visual Studio and others tool medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

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