What is Engineering Design and Why You Should Care When You Build A Software Product

There are a lot of reasons why software fails, but one of the many reasons is that failure in design. So the real question is how to design a product with the engineering design in mind. So what is engineering design anyway, and why you should care? Engineering design consists of two words: Engineering and Design. I will explain with a simple concept. In order to have the same vision, we will define the two words in a separated way. Design: is a field of doing and making, creating great products and services that fit humans needs, that delight and inform. Engineering: is a process to propose a solution based on the application of science and mathematics that useful for people.  Based on the definition engineering design is a way to create a product by following engineering discipline. it has several characteristics such as having multiple acceptable solutions based on the realistic constraint that might come from multiple disciplines the multiple constraints can be from business, technical issues, customers, and social values adopting a well-known standard, method, process, or acceptable framework with the characteristics, we have 7 generic steps which are: Identify the need and constraints  Research and understand the problems Assess possible solution  Select the promise solution  Build a prototype/solution  Test and evaluate the solution  Improve/redesign the solution  In the reality, the steps are applied in iterative and incremental ways. the generic steps become a fundamental process in engineering education like a capstone project. In the next post, I will show you how to apply the engineering design for the capstone project in software engineering discipline.    happy weekend. 

Disaster and Recovery Plan for Your Windows 8.1

Having windows 8 is wonderful. it is stable, great, and fast. However, your hardware might be not as stable as your Windows. When it’s happen, here are five ways to revive your Windows 8 from the cause of the death. Time Machine with System Restore System restore is effective when you accidentally do something that change the configuration system. Install bloat ware, get virus attack, or slow drivers issue can be solved through system restore. System restore can be visited through system protection (Windows Logo + Pause Break) and choose system protection System restore will use your hard disk space and restore it in case something bad happen.           Backup your Files using File History File history is a seamless way to backup your documents and files. File History can be accessed through search menu. File History will use external or other partition to backup your files. Therefore, it will be good if you use external disk, USB flash, or SD card to create history File history will backup your files on specific time such as hourly or daily. It will create a version of your files and replicate it into external disk. In case of failure, you can restore the specific version of your files.         Snapshot Your System using System Image Sometime you want to take a picture of your system when it is already stable. System image will help you snapshot your system. if something bad happen like bad hard disk, you just call the images and restore your system into the new hard disk. System image can be accessed via File History and select System Image backup You can choose what to backup including your windows, data, and additional files         Reinstall Your System using Refresh Feature Windows has an automatic features called automatic repair, it also has a good reinstall features called refresh, Refresh means reinstalling the operating system without erasing your files and configuration. just like a reinstall you will lost your installed software except the windows 8 software. Refresh also has a features to remove anything including your files (reformat/recycle). this feature will be valuable when you want to recycle your notebook          Third Party Software If you never feel enough below is recovery software that you might need. Although personally i recommend you to use windows built in features or your PC built in software 

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