Managing your distributed software project

Someday we face a problem that our project is not totally collocated, some of the team member might be separated geographically some of them might be have different discipline or come from others company. Right tool can be worked as practical solution to solve communication,coordination, and control challenge (I said it as 3C challenge). So if you feel tedious with the framework like GXP or others distributed framework. You can think simple by adopting agile and choose the right tool.

Adopting Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a way to manage project in essential manner. For example rather to create a lot of meeting, agile project management focuses in creating a short meeting using technique called as “sync meeting” or “stand up meeting”. Another example, when we face a long coordination meeting in the end of the project, we manage the coordination meeting incrementally in several iteration


Step One – Choosing Your Agile Method

Starting from eXtreme Programming, Scrum, ICONIX or your homemade Agile method. Choosing one and discuss the method with your peers. Some of method might be need further modification when you implement it in distributed project. For example, including the customer in distributed project when your customer is oversea will be cost too much. There is no rule of the modification but as long as you can make the team and client get in touch closely you done it Smile

Step Two – Client is fragile so don’t break them

Communication is the main issue of distributed project. Please take care your client by contacting them in a rhytm. I mean contact them regularly in a week or two. Send them newsletter about their project. Update them with technology and case study. Transparent for the issues in their project as soon as possible. Client is fragile if they are too busy for you, it might be great if you cancel the project before you start. But when you already agreed with the project take care them just like a glass. Money is not everything Smile

Step Three – Hear The RBT Sound

RBT (Resources Budget and Time) is the most sensitive information in the project world. Taking care the RBT means you handle the project. For example if your developer leave you have the spare, when the requirements change you can facilitate and  negotiate with them. And in the end you can handle the project if you can get revenue from the project

Step Four – Choosing The Project Management Tools

You can find a good tool like Project Server, Telerik Team Pulse or even Team Foundation Server. Stop Now, I will discuss the further in the next blog post stay tune.


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