Application Lifecycle Management Sample Case on Virtualization Era

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Last night, we found that we still need a lot improvement to handle virtualization in consumer era. Microsoft itself lack of support in consumer segment. For instance, the old virtual PC is still immature and easy replaced with Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7, but as you know it is not famous as the Virtual Box or VMware desktop.

In Windows 8, Microsoft did seriously with virtualization concept through an integration with core OS. Nowadays you can mount the VHD and extract it based on your need. The point is the feature is embedded on Windows 8. In this case, we saw how desktop virtualization exist in the end user. It start from the expert user (virtual pc download separately), enthusiast user (windows virtual pc which they should download as a part of windows component), and common user (as a part of windows 8) or simply we can said that.

Virtualization grows from expert to end user , for the user the high tech technology in the yesterday will eventually become casual in the next day


In the ALM perspectives we found that the software itself is evolved as a part of the code system. it happens also with Facebook or Twitter that become a main part of nowadays smartphone apps.

ALM target starts from separated to the bundled apps, it starts from specifics users to the all users

Based on that facts, i;’m truly believe that someday the software is bundled and always free, and the economic still get revenue through contents, ads, or data mining results.

every small ISV has a dream to become like Instagram Winking smile




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