10 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy Windows 10 Mobile

Yes, we already discuss 10 Reason Why You Should Buy Windows 10 Mobile, Today, we will discuss several reasons why you shouldn't buy Windows 10 Mobile. It means you can go to the more mature platform such as Android and iOS.

Reason 1. Lack of Apps

Windows 10 mobile is great operating system, the live tile and the user experience is contemporary intuitive rather than plain icons with a number notification. However, meeting Android and IOS means you are on the heaven of the apps, especially the local one. Furthermore, you can find more mature Microsoft Apps on the competing platform like iOS rather than on Windows 10 Mobile

Reason 2. Lack of Maturity

Comparing with iOS, Windows 10 Mobile should take care the efficiency. Yes! Windows 10 Mobile is faster and efficient rather than Android. But when facing with the Apple hardware, the Windows 10 Mobile should agree that the booting process, the multitasking process, and off course the stability is better on iOS.

Reason 3. Limited Configuration

Choosing Windows 10 mobile means you should stick to Microsoft. There is still limited choice such as HTC, Acer, or HP. Yes, you can say it is similar with Apple. But Android is growing massively because low-end to high-end choice from many vendors.

Reason 4. Lack of Update from Big Players

You might find the EBay application is old without update. Google said there are no official apps for Windows 10 Mobile. While, the Amazon cut the supports for the Apps and they don't say when the Universal Windows App come. Simple said that Windows 10 Mobile losing a grip from their partner's investment.

Reason 5. No Unique value even on Microsoft Apps

In the past, windows 10 mobile has a Cortana, the better and the superior virtual assistant. Today, Cortana is existing on Android and iOS. Office 365, Outlook, even Delve is on Android while the Windows 10 Mobile still on beta phase.

Reason 6. Limited Accessories from Third Party

You need to find a smartwatch that support with Windows 10 Mobile. Well, the one and only is Microsoft Band. Plus, Microsoft Band also support for Android and iOS. If you want to try Samsung Smart Gear or Zen watch on Windows 10 Mobile. Forget it, it won't work

Reason 7. It's Expensive

Expensive is relative, but everyone agrees with same spec Lumia 950xl vs Samsung Galaxy 7 edge is par on the hardware (plastic vs metal). Even Lumia 950 xl is compared with Lumia 1520; you will notice how Microsoft mark-ups the bill to cover the limited numbers

Reason 8. Insider Quick Update, Official slow Update

The release is slow, but when you join the Windows Insider you might lose your warranty. Hint: you should join insider if you have Windows 10 Mobile

Reason 9. Limited Customization

No custom launchers, No custom keyboards, No custom email or SMS app. You won't be confused if you are using Windows 10 Mobile

Reason 10. It's for Business not for Consumer

Windows 10 Mobile is really solid on Business productivity but it lacks of entertainment features such as indie Games, local apps, or good e-book.

So how do you think? You still want to use Windows 10 Mobile as a daily driver? Still unclear, just visit this page to understand how Microsoft commits with windows 10 Mobile http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-mobile




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