Digital Transformation in Indonesia, is it possible?

Indonesia already become parts of MEA (Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean). What we found on that participation is the grow our economic model with a lot of activity that we call "creative economy". One of the most preferred model to develop creative economy is through digital lifestyle. Unfortunately, the digital lifestyle of Indonesia has tendency 'still' on to the consumerization model. That's why digital transformation is needed to change our behaviour from consumerization to society empowerment. Digital transformation is defined "reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world" (Microsoft, 2017). So, what does it means? It means that in several couple years a lot of company will use technology, a lot company will become a software company. Although their services is not directly with the software, they will use software.

So on this article, I will recap what we already do on an event that held on 16 August 2017 with a topic "Digital Transformation Empowering Indonesia". Here are the recaps for you

Four main pillars on Digital Transformation

Everyone is built for business, in order to disrupt or be disrupted, you have four pillars to consider which are:

  • Engaging Customer to powerful insight. The meaning of powerful is your customer has a data to get an insight for their business or services that used from you. SQL Azure, Power BI, Flow, or even Power Apps will help you to engage your customer. It will help them to figure it out based on their need
  • Empowering Employees. Keep your employee productive by giving them opportunity to enjoy their work anywhere with a set tools and technology such as Office 365.
  • Optimizing business operation. Optimizing business is done by reducing the cost and accelerating your response. Just imagine how long your customer should wait for your customer care vs a bot that can answer within a second. Optimizing business means improve service levels with intelligence process. Microsoft Azure helps this IT related operation with lot of services such as Blockchain technology, Machine learning, and of course daily platform as a service.
  • Transforming product. In the past, transforming a product is based on C-level / Founder idea. Nowadays, transforming product means change the product based on customer usage data. Some of well known product transformation is delivering personalization (i.e. Outlook email personalization), a new business model (i.e. subscribe, micro-transaction, perpetual), a new service (blockchain), and new approach to engage revenue opportunities.

Digital Transformation in Indonesia, is it possible?

Yes, it is really possible, the digital consumerization on Indonesia is quite high on 2016 (i.e. 83 e-commerce users). In Indonesia, Internet will become a water and the data become the electricity of digital lifestyle. Digital lifestyle will become a fundamental unit of digital transformation. Here are the keys technology that can become indicators of digital transformation in Indonesia.

  • The cloud computing adoption in Indonesia.
  • The usage of data science as part of our decision process
  • Building a knowledge and intelligence on your application or services.

What technology that we should learn to face the digital transformation?

In Microsoft, you just need learn some fundamental technology such as:

We will discuss the technology in another post. See you and happy weekend everyone


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