Do We Need Microsoft Flow?

Imagine that you want to automate your daily task such as uploading an attachment from an email to your OneDrive. In the past, you can do that by creating an app and then use the provided API. Those tasks can only happen if you have a programming skill. But today, the communication between one service to the other services can be easily implemented with Microsoft Flow technology. Microsoft Technology helps you to integrate several services into one service that might be useful for you or for your team. Some of the productivity scenario that I like such as:

  • Creating a planner task based on an email that I flagged in
  • On approval from our manager, copy the file from SharePoint into my work OneDrive
  • Get Push Notification if my boss uploaded a new file to my mobile

The concept of Microsoft Flow is simple. They define the three component of the flow which are

  • My Flow – your Flow Creation
  • Connector – a service that can communicate with the other services.
  • Template – a ready to use flow that combines several connectors

Just imagine, you have more than 150 services with more than 250 templates. You can visit the Microsoft Flow on, you can register with your Microsoft Account or Office 365 Account. You can get and do it for free. Furthermore, you can create your own connector based on Open API standard. We will discuss it in another post in this blog. Before that look the video about how to create your first Flow.

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