5 Tips to Become Happy Developer

Developer is the most requested talent in information technology. although the business is alike, there are some scenario that can't be delivered by the commercial software. Therefore, some business need developer to build their custom software. On this article, we discuss about five tips that you need to care if you want to become high quality developer. This is just general tips that might be work or not work for you. let's get started

  • Tips 0. Opening your network. If you are seasonal developer try to open a network in community, gathering, or campus. Join several activity to find new friends, new mentor, even new startup
  • Tips 1. Understanding the demand. You need to understand the demand of the developers in your region. There are two markets, The first one is the huge market with the huge demand (for example PHP in web technology). The second one is the niche market such as ASP.NET in the web technology. you choose based on your network. 
  • Tips 2. Getting the fundamental. You need to learn the basic! you can learn from the online video, book, joining a free workshop, and invest yourslef for premium certification. 
  • Tips 3. Learning by doing. Implement your knowledge on a real project. Never see the value of the project. As long as you enjoy the project and have sufficient time to do that you can join the project to obtain the experience and improve your knowledge 
  • Tips 4. Sharing your thought. in the journwy to become a developer you might find something interesting, bugs that hard to solve, and a mistery that you can solve. You can write down your experience in your blogs and share it to your social media to get better reach or event new client.
So developer! let's start our journey 

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