How to keep requirements stable

Everytime, i meet with customer. i feel so happy. This is the first meeting to discuss the requirements. Creating product backlog, creating features, and creating business constraints quites fun. Just imagine, how happy when we get the new project. It means new income, new hope, and new experience. The dream is washed after we in the middle of the projecr. The missing features, the bugs, tha changes from the customer. It drives us crazy when the cost is higher than we expected. The developer team and the product owner conflicts about the requirements. The product owner conflict with the customer about the missing features and business changes. 

This article provides you five steps that you can do to limit the changes. 

  • 1. Create a mockup before the working solution. You can use mockup to gather feedback from  your customer. 
  • 2. Create a regular meeting with customer. weekly meeting with 30 minutes length is fine, 60 minutes is ok. Discuss any progress that you have and any changes that expected by the customer.
  • 3. Create a demonstration session between you and your team. Let's your team demonstrate offered solution and you validate the working product with the mockup
  • 4. Create sprint review with your customer. you demo the solution and get feedback from the customer. Tell them that this solution is based on the feedback in proposed mockup 
  • 5. Create documentation workflow to document your meeting, changes, and others artifaces

In Azure DevOps you can

  • 1. Use Microsoft Teams to do meeting and demonstration session 
  • 2. Use Microsoft Whiteboard to discuss the idea of your product 
  • 3. Use Microsoft PowerPoint storyboard to create your low level mockup
  • 4. Use Microsoft Wiki in DevOps to record the meeting notes
  • 5. Use Microsoft Azure Boards to document the user story 
  • 6. Use kanban board to understand the changes,     
Changes is unavoidable so prepare for the changes happen

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