10 Questions on Video Game Development

As a game developer, you might ask a lot of questions to make sure your game is acceptable in the market. You might have questions regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of the game development. On this article, we want to discuss ten questions that might be raised when developing video game. The questions are sorted by the frequency of the game developer.

  • What kind of genre that we should developer for our first game?
  • What platform that we should targeted (mobile, web, or windows)?
  • What others game that inspired to us to develop our new game?
  • What our value differentiation with the existing game?
  • How to propose a roadmap for our game development?
  • How to manage video game development tasks between team members?
  • What toolkit that we will use to develop our game?
  • How the business model for our game?
  • How to make sure the player loves the game?
  • What kind assets that we should obtain / develop to make our game different?

So how you answer the question, is the question is correct or you have another one to add, please put your answer in comment and let's discuss in the social media. About 10 most questions when building the video game.

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