Adjusting the VM Sizing based on the time

Problem Our customer has an issue with their cloud computing expense. They have allocated a VM with over specification with their budget. This is because the VM will work hard in specific time. The customer uses the VM in 09.00 AM and 5 PM. After that the VM is not used. Requirements The customer wants you to reduce the cost by downscaling and upscaling the VM based on the time. Workdays: 09.00 – 17.00 PM Weekend: Off // Solution You have several solutions to accommodate this. Turn off the VM outside the workdays and turn of the VM in the workdays (Option A) Scale down the VM in non-workday, and scale up in the workday (Option B) Well-Architecture Recommendation Choosing A, we will get better cost efficiency. However, there is some circumstance when the VM is misbehaving because the cold-start issue. Choosing B, we still get cost-saving. However, we still pay the downsizing cost How to do that We can use many ways to do that. In Azure, you can use Azure Automation. You can read here Azure Automation Start/Stop VMs during off-hours overview | Microsoft Docs Azure Automation: Scale-Down VM Size - Microsoft Tech Community Auto Scale Up and Down VM's with Azure Automation (

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