Seven Sins in Software Project

Building software is the coolest thing for software engineer. However, the software project will become a disaster when you ignore these seven sins that make disasters happen. #1 Ignoring intensive communication You can't depend on an email, quick chat, or might be a letter. Intensive communication is the basic ingredient of successful project Pro Tips: medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; Communicate regularly (weekly) Update your progress regularly (monthly) Create a IM group to handle urgent communication #2 Undocumented Changes Every time your customer said anything, record it. Every time your customer request changes, record it and negotiate Pro Tips: Avoid impulse response when changes are requested Stored the changes and label it Not all changes should be fulfilled #3 Forgot to test Your developer busy, your tester busy, the software should be deployed so you forgot the testing. Pro tips: Invest with automate test Test with your customer Integration testing is a must #4 Virtual Documentation You don't have user manual. You think that the software is easy enough to use. Pro tips: Creating short and quick manual You can create video tutorial to make it clear Write your manual when doing acceptance testing #5 Yes, Sir! Not all requested should be granted, not all changes should be fulfilled Pro Tips: Never say yes, until you discuss with your team You should consider trade off for any changes Prioritizing the changes #6 Never Create a Plan You feel the tasks are easy but try to measure it. You will find more complexity in the detail Pro Tips: Learning how to create break down structure, user story / tasks, or even Azure boars Learning resource worksheet Playing around with Microsoft Project will help #7 Ignoring Payment Terms You cannot build a software without money in your pocket. Therefore, you should configure the payment terms for each project. Split the payment: beginning, middle, and end. Milestone model will be helpful. You will get the payment every time you finish the job Save the backup fund for supporting changes. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

Tech talk: how to avoid nasty pitching deck

On this video, we will discuss how to create and to avoid mislead pitching deck. We discuss seven tips that you need to avoid and to do when creating slide decks. Find the useful link here  //

Mobile Avatar Contextual

This bahasa presentation shows the contextual of awareness in mobile application through avatar model. The Indonesian paper can be downloaded here, while the presentation is ahown below:

Software Engineering as a Foundation of ICT development.

Teaching and sharing software engineering is hard, applying in the real world project is harder. If you are IT student or computer science you might be know that the software engineering is a boring stuff. Theoretical, Fiction example, and sometime it can be neglected. Many people love to do software engineering as a development activity. At least, some new people think software engineering can be done through great software and great coding skill. Yes it is!, Software development (coding-testing-deploy for short) can solve a lot of many software engineering aspect. However, we still need software engineering to create a foundation of a good software. If you are students, I propose you to learn basic software engineering such as. Season 1 - Software engineering fundamental introduction software engineering software process model software requirements software estimation software design software development software testing software configuration management software deployment and maintenance project management If you fall in love with software engineering you can learn advance aspect such as Season 2 - software engineering practices software methods Rational unified process Extreme Programming fundamentals Scrum fundamentals Lean fundamentals test driven development capability maturity model integration humans aspect software engineering software engineering certification Software engineering tools.

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