Seven Sins in Software Project

Building software is the coolest thing for software engineer. However, the software project will become a disaster when you ignore these seven sins that make disasters happen.

#1 Ignoring intensive communication

You can't depend on an email, quick chat, or might be a letter. Intensive communication is the basic ingredient of successful project

Pro Tips:

  • Communicate regularly (weekly)
  • Update your progress regularly (monthly)
  • Create a IM group to handle urgent communication

#2 Undocumented Changes

Every time your customer said anything, record it. Every time your customer request changes, record it and negotiate

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid impulse response when changes are requested
  • Stored the changes and label it
  • Not all changes should be fulfilled

#3 Forgot to test

Your developer busy, your tester busy, the software should be deployed so you forgot the testing.

Pro tips:

  • Invest with automate test
  • Test with your customer
  • Integration testing is a must

#4 Virtual Documentation

You don't have user manual. You think that the software is easy enough to use.

Pro tips:

  • Creating short and quick manual
  • You can create video tutorial to make it clear
  • Write your manual when doing acceptance testing

#5 Yes, Sir!

Not all requested should be granted, not all changes should be fulfilled

Pro Tips:

  • Never say yes, until you discuss with your team
  • You should consider trade off for any changes
  • Prioritizing the changes

#6 Never Create a Plan

You feel the tasks are easy but try to measure it. You will find more complexity in the detail

Pro Tips:

  • Learning how to create break down structure, user story / tasks, or even Azure boars
  • Learning resource worksheet
  • Playing around with Microsoft Project will help

#7 Ignoring Payment Terms

You cannot build a software without money in your pocket. Therefore, you should configure the payment terms for each project.

  • Split the payment: beginning, middle, and end.
  • Milestone model will be helpful. You will get the payment every time you finish the job
  • Save the backup fund for supporting changes.

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