Recycling your PC in Windows 10

Either you are developer, it professional, and information worker. You might be found situation when you need to upgrade your laptop by recycling the old one and buy a new one. If you just plan to upgrade your PC, you can visit this link. This article discusses how to safely recycle your PC.

  • Move your personal content to external hard drive. Please spare a time for one to five hours depending on how much you have. Buy high speed external hard drive such as SSD, USB 3.0 HDD, or high capacity flash disk. If This step is necessary especially when you don't sync your content to the cloud.
  • Unplug your external storage such as memory card (micro SD), keep in secure place
  • Deactivate your license. Forgetting this step will make you need to buy a new license
    • If you have office 365 visit this link for procedure
    • If you have Foxit phantom for example
    • Some of software can be reactivated by Uninstalling your licensed software , for example Camtasia
    • You might new application such as Keyfinder to obtain your lost key
  • After you deactivate and uninstall run the reset this pc, and then cleanup your disk. The process is quite simple
  • Clean your PC and get ready to resell, to donate, etc.

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