Five Stability Principles on Windows

You want your windows is long lasting. Without reinstallation, refresh, or reformat. Fortunately, Windows 10 has built-in features that can help you to keep your operating system stable. Here are five stability principles that you should know: #1 use the built-in Windows Security Feature You should trust the built-in firewall, built-in anti-virus, device security, and others. You don't need to install another third-party app. Just make sure, that the windows security center is up to date by turning on automatic update in your Windows 10. #2 driver update from your manufacturer. You should download the driver update tools from your manufacture. Any major brand has own driver update tool. If you do not have one just visit Intel or AMD. They will have a generic driver that help you. This generic solution can be used when your notebook is old enough and doesn't have driver update anymore. #3 Uninstall your bloatware. If you are using OEM version of Windows, you might find some bloatware such as a game, utility, and others. You need to cleanup to regain space and get better stability by unleashing unneeded resources. Uninstall from the Windows Store (App & Features) Uninstall from classic windows (Program & Features) Just type 'remove programs' you will find this dialog: #4 Three Musketeers! Each month try to Check your startup in System Configuration (ms config) Check your disk by using disk cleanup. Defrag your disk to optimize the performance. We do not recommend you use third party, just use Windows built in feature. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; #5 Windows Update Windows update provides you the latest security and enhancement. What you need to know is: If this is your main machine, make sure you choose standard channel. Never join feature preview or something like that. Try to keep the update minimum by not checking these Windows Update Setting – Advanced Options That's it! Good luck! medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

Windows 10 Mail Doesn’t Show You the Attachment

Problem You wake up in the morning. Turning on your notebook, opening an email through Windows 10 mail. A friend asked you to read the attachment. You replied to your friend that he left the attachment behind. He insisted that the attachment is already there. You do not believe it! Until you visit the webmail and find the attachment as clear as a glass. This happen mostly on Gmail. You already remote the account, add the account back and you find is still not work. If you have the similar issue, this post is for you. I will show you the solution for this case. Possible Cause This case is not happen in Hotmail, conventional mail, or Office 365. It majority happens in Gmail because the permission changes that happen in their mail system. Possible Solution // Make sure you are administrator Uninstall the Mail by right clicking the icon and select uninstall Visiting the Microsoft Store and then search Mail & Calendar After the installation go the Mail and add your Gmail account Please make sure you accept the new permission proposed Click setting , and choose reading pane. In the reading pane, choose the external content and make sure all it turn on Your attachment will be displayed. Be Happy!   //

Recycling your PC in Windows 10

Either you are developer, it professional, and information worker. You might be found situation when you need to upgrade your laptop by recycling the old one and buy a new one. If you just plan to upgrade your PC, you can visit this link. This article discusses how to safely recycle your PC. Move your personal content to external hard drive. Please spare a time for one to five hours depending on how much you have. Buy high speed external hard drive such as SSD, USB 3.0 HDD, or high capacity flash disk. If This step is necessary especially when you don't sync your content to the cloud. Unplug your external storage such as memory card (micro SD), keep in secure place Deactivate your license. Forgetting this step will make you need to buy a new license If you have office 365 visit this link for procedure If you have Foxit phantom for example Some of software can be reactivated by Uninstalling your licensed software , for example Camtasia You might new application such as Keyfinder to obtain your lost key After you deactivate and uninstall run the reset this pc, and then cleanup your disk. The process is quite simple Clean your PC and get ready to resell, to donate, etc. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

5 Tips to make sure your Windows 10 Virus Free

Although the current growth of viruses and computer threats are increasingly inaudible, that does not mean everything is fine. There is still a threat of a more virulent virus and is not detected by some Windows users. The good news, Windows 10 has a set of features that can save our data from the threat of viruses. Check out what we can do to secure it. Tips 1 – Activating Virus & Threats protection Windows 10 has built in Anti-Virus. So you might don't need to install standalone Antivirus. You can do quick scan (running only), full scan (all of it), custom scan (i.e. your thumb drive), or offline scan (emergency scan) medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; Tips 2 – Activating the Firewall and Network Protection Microsoft has built in firewall that can help your PC from the attacker or program who access your PC through network / internet. Make sure it on! Tips 3 – App & Browser control Many of the virus threat come from the internet. It includes your browser and application that connect to the internet. App &Browser control helps you to manage how app communicate to the internet, it will protect you from dangerous app, website, and files. It will be enabled by default. If you are power user set it as warn. If you want additional security set it as blocked Tips 4 – Windows Update for malicious update The most important things is keeping your Windows up to date. This can be done by always install the latest the malicious removal tool monthly. If you want to install manually just visit and you can download each month. If this update cannot be applied or your Windows has a malware, our recommendation is to use Microsoft Safety Scanner you can download here Tips 5 – Updating Windows Defender or use Windows Defender Offline The Windows defender is a built in Antivirus for more than a decade. You can install Windows Defender Offline if you have so much trouble with the virus. You can install it here, Windows defender update can be obtained by Windows Update, or you can download the full package 64 bit : manually here 32 bit : manually here   medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

7 Signs that You Need A New Laptop

Every year we see a new laptop model. Our hearts will certainly be interested in promising performance, new processors, more memory, to adequate graphics support for modern games. The real question is, is it time for us to replace our laptops with new laptops. Here are 7 signs that it's time we replace our laptops with new models.   #1 Battery is suck  One of the main things in a portable computer is the battery. Is your battery still good. Well here is defined that you still receive the ability of the battery. If your work outside the office requires a battery of 3 hours, then try to measure whether your laptop is sufficient to serve it. If it's only 1/3 then it's time for you to look for a new laptop #2 Performance is not meet for modern software  Your laptop is slowing down for modern operating systems. Even memory is said to not meet your daily needs so it's time to replace your laptop. Try calculating the time you open the application you normally use. And see how many times you experience problems such as hang up, slow response, or waiting for more than 1 minute for a simple process then it's time to buy a new laptop. #3 Less Responsive when you need it urgent You are given the opportunity of a work presentation and then you open the file and play a demonstration video. And your laptop opens it slowly, makes your heart flutter and also upset? maybe it's a good reason to replace the laptop. #4 Need more space in your life Your old laptop is heavy (> 2 kilos) and you need a laptop that is lighter, stronger, and more attractive so it's time to replace the newer   #5 More feature that make you more productive You might see that active pen can help you more productive, you might see dual screen will help you to multitask, and you see that the convertible will help you more productive. this is a good time to upgrade   #6 Better Screen Better Experience More color depth, more color resolution, new display technology (OLED, LCD, ect), and more color accurate will help you to work better and life better. If your screen cracked, your lcd is dull, there is a good point to upgrade    #7 Having a specific budget  You have a budget! this is the most important thing that you need! never buy a new laptop without a fix budget. You can save your budget start from right now and might be you can get your new laptop ini two or three years later.    //

Solution Search Box is showing blank screen in Windows 10

Problem You want to search your files. Unfortunately, the search box display blank display. You already reset and restart windows search services but the problem still there. Possible Cause  This problem might be caused the Microsoft plan to improve the search experience and might be related with the Cortana shutdown ? Solution The solution for this problem is relative simple Please make sure you are connected with the internet Get Windows Update Make sure you get latest update in Windows Update until the update dialog shows that you are up to date Restart the Windows twice WITHOUT doing anything Make sure ou are connected with the Internet //

3 Steps to solve Windows 10 Random Errors

Symptom You find your windows 10 has random errors. From screen blinking, application crashing, slow response on opening application, and random crashing in startup or shutdown. Causes There are so many reasons to make the windows 10 unstable. It might be medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; Improper update / upgrade Unstable driver version Improper application installation / uninstallation Solution The good news is you can repair with these three steps you can recover the random errors. Step 1 – Disabling the Startup and Unneeded Services Run msconfig in your windows prompt Find startup tab, disable that not needed Find services tab, click hide all Microsoft Services and choose wisely the services that you can disable Step 2 – Updating the driver and bios Open your vendor update application. Samsung has Samsung Update, HP has HP support, and Asus has Asus Update. Trying to find better driver or better BIOS for your notebook / PC. If you don't find it. Visit the Intel Driver Utility for finding an update for your intel chipset. Step 3 – Reset This PC Type reset this PC and click get started. You can reset this pc with your files, without your files, or event secure erases the disk If you still have random error, it might be your not your Windows but your hardware. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

Five tips extending your battery in Windows 10

Hi There, If you are a mobile user, the battery is one of the essential things to make your work longer without plugging in. Today we will discuss short tips about how to make your battery longer. You can use these tips on your Windows 10. Adjusting Battery Saver Windows 10 has a good battery saver to make your battery life longer. There is four levels of the battery saver function in windows. Battery Saver. Windows will turn off the background sync, reduce the screen brightness, and provides some tweaks on your Windows. Your email, onedrive won't syncs on this method. This is recommended when your battery is < 20% Better battery. Windows will limit the processor speed and screen brightness. You will find your laptop slower but its perfect for just typing and browsing. This is recommended mode if you run on the battery and your battery still have > 20 % Better Performance. Windows will sacrifice the battery life by trading it with the processor speed. The processor will still have flexibility in speed. This is recommended when you need a faster process such as resizing a lot of images, rendering a video, or compiling some codes. Best performance. Windows will use the highest processor speed. You will find the fan will be noisier and the processor will become hotter. This is your best bet when you play a game, rendering more than five minutes of video, or run a model with tensorflow. // Configuring your screen brightness and resolution Reduce your screen brightness and resolution will make your battery longer. You can reduce your screen brightness by visiting Brightness and Color option. The brightness will have darkest to brightest option. Some of the Windows laptops can configure brightness automatically. For the screen resolution try to reduce your screen to 1080p, having 3K or 4K resolution will definitely eat some battery life. Limiting the background services Types msconfig on your laptop. After that visit the services tab and startup tab to disable some of background services. TIPS: if you don't have knowledge about the services just disable non-Microsoft service. You can see how to do that below.   Replacing your hungry app based on App History When working on normal way and your battery is reduced quickly, it might be a good time to find the issues and replaces the software with the latest version or replaces with the alternatives. In order to do that, visit the task manager by right clicking on your start menu or typing in the start menu. After that visit the app history and details tab. You can see how to do that below.   Configuring your hardware behavior You can configure your hardware behavior to make sure you turn of what you don't use. For example: Installing the battery features from your notebook manufacturer. For example, Asus has battery charging features to changes the behavior of the charging mechanism, Quiet fan to reduce the noise of fans, and so on. Disabling your Bluetooth when you don't use it, disabling your WIFI when you meet your WIFE , or turn of the screen when not needed, even turn off your system. You can see how we do that on this screen cast   That's it the five tips for you! Have another good tips, please help the other by commenting this post. //

Fastest Way to Update Your Windows 10

After looking for some way to update my Windows 10 to the latest version which is 1509 December 2018 update. I found several thinks that can make your Windows 10 updated so flawlessly. Here are three tips to make your Windows 10 update faster. It shows from the fastest one to the slowest one. I recommend you update your Windows for faster, more features, and secure. Tips 1. Downloading the Windows Update Assistant This method is good enough if you have OEM installed Windows 10. And you found that the Windows 10 is obsolete. You can start Windows Update Assistant by downloading the software here It will update your Windows perfectly. It shows you the result if your Windows is the latest. Tips 2. Downloading into a flash drive This is a good way if you want to update a lot of devices. You can download the Windows 10 Installation Media here . After that you can run the media creation tool. The Windows 10 setup will be started. You can directly upgrade your Windows with this tool. However, I recommend you create installation media. You will download for 5 GB for both versions. Tips 3. Configuring Windows Update This is preferred way if you want to update for 'not too old' Windows. For example, you buy a new laptop and you get the latest bit of Windows. You just need to tweak the settings as follow. Because somehow the Windows Update download is not faster as foreground download.   Conclusion As a conclusion, you can use this table for your convenience. Having another way to update your Windows? Please share on the comment section below. Scenario Update Assistant ISO / Flash Disk Windows Update Old Device V     Many Devices   V   New Device     V Offline Scenario   V   Online Scenario V   V           medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299";

Five Things Before Upgrading Your PC

If this new year you want to upgrade your PC and recycle the old one. This post will guide you to prepare and to migrate your old PC into a new one. This is five  tips that you need to do before upgrading your PC. Tips 1. Sync Your Important FIle to the Cloud and Local  You should choose your cloud storage provider. For example, i choose to use OneDrive to store my personal photos and files, and i choose OneDrive for Business to store my work document and office stuff. You should sync up. Go to the public internet service or buy daily internet package to sync the document. it will take an hour depends on your internet file.  Tips 2. Backup your license key Uninstall your Office 2016. and other licensed product to mark them you don't have active installation. Write down your license key into a safe place. You will need some of your software license. Some of software such as OEM software cannot be transferred. Some of the software need an offline actiivation by calling the support (i,e, Office 2016/2019, PDF App). Some of software like Office 365 pro plus can be deactivated by visiting the Tips 3. Refresh your PC If you want to start from fresh installation or want to donate you notebook into your college. you should select refresh your PC option on Windows 8 / Windows 10. If you are using the old Windows you can format the disk by reinstalling the Windows. This will take several hours if you want secure erase your content. You can use third party application such as Acronic, Easus, or Windows 10 built in feature (Secure Wipe)   Tips 4. Creating a list of Software that You Need to Install While you wait for your old PC to be refreshed, you can create a list of your favorite software that you want to install on the new PC. For example, here are my software list   - Updated Driver for the Notebook Support site (if any) - Visio 2019 - Project 2019 - Office 365 Pro Plus - Visual Studio 2017  - 7 zip  - Foxit PDF Phantom  - Spotify  - Power Apps - Power BI - Grammarly  - Paint.NET - Camtasia Studio - Snagit  - SQL Server 2016 - Microsoft Teams - Whatsapp - Internet Download Accelerator - Microsoft Money / Accounting XMind   Tips 5 Activate your Software and Update your data with Cloud Software You can install and activate the software and activate the data sync to make sure you have a daily backup for your software. Do an update for your Windows by installing the latest version of Windows build by visiting 

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