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in the previous post, I discussed about the choice for the developer to develop in the top of Office 365 platform. Today I will discuss about what kind of scenario and proper technology that you can use to build proper scenario for your customer. // Single Sign on Scenario This is the most useful scenario. Office 365 works as a cloud identity provider. You can register your office 365 tenant in Azure Active Directory. It works as your identity provider. Learn more about SSO scenario here Accessing the Data from Office 365 Platform After you authenticate the user, you can obtain the data from the Office 365 platform. This can be done by registering an application as Azure App and give the proper permission. You can learn in through here Interacting with the Document This can be done through Add-In model. The Add-In model works with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many Office 365 desktop application. You can learn here Designing for Instant Collaboration This can be done by creating application in Teams. You can create app integration, bots, and massaging integration. You can learn here Designing for Portal Collaboration Of you want to create a portal based solution, you can use SharePoint to develop platform based application. You can learn here //

Five Things Before Upgrading Your PC

If this new year you want to upgrade your PC and recycle the old one. This post will guide you to prepare and to migrate your old PC into a new one. This is five  tips that you need to do before upgrading your PC. Tips 1. Sync Your Important FIle to the Cloud and Local  You should choose your cloud storage provider. For example, i choose to use OneDrive to store my personal photos and files, and i choose OneDrive for Business to store my work document and office stuff. You should sync up. Go to the public internet service or buy daily internet package to sync the document. it will take an hour depends on your internet file.  Tips 2. Backup your license key Uninstall your Office 2016. and other licensed product to mark them you don't have active installation. Write down your license key into a safe place. You will need some of your software license. Some of software such as OEM software cannot be transferred. Some of the software need an offline actiivation by calling the support (i,e, Office 2016/2019, PDF App). Some of software like Office 365 pro plus can be deactivated by visiting the Tips 3. Refresh your PC If you want to start from fresh installation or want to donate you notebook into your college. you should select refresh your PC option on Windows 8 / Windows 10. If you are using the old Windows you can format the disk by reinstalling the Windows. This will take several hours if you want secure erase your content. You can use third party application such as Acronic, Easus, or Windows 10 built in feature (Secure Wipe)   Tips 4. Creating a list of Software that You Need to Install While you wait for your old PC to be refreshed, you can create a list of your favorite software that you want to install on the new PC. For example, here are my software list   - Updated Driver for the Notebook Support site (if any) - Visio 2019 - Project 2019 - Office 365 Pro Plus - Visual Studio 2017  - 7 zip  - Foxit PDF Phantom  - Spotify  - Power Apps - Power BI - Grammarly  - Paint.NET - Camtasia Studio - Snagit  - SQL Server 2016 - Microsoft Teams - Whatsapp - Internet Download Accelerator - Microsoft Money / Accounting XMind   Tips 5 Activate your Software and Update your data with Cloud Software You can install and activate the software and activate the data sync to make sure you have a daily backup for your software. Do an update for your Windows by installing the latest version of Windows build by visiting 

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