7 Signs that You Need A New Laptop

Every year we see a new laptop model. Our hearts will certainly be interested in promising performance, new processors, more memory, to adequate graphics support for modern games. The real question is, is it time for us to replace our laptops with new laptops. Here are 7 signs that it's time we replace our laptops with new models.

#1 Battery is suck 

One of the main things in a portable computer is the battery. Is your battery still good. Well here is defined that you still receive the ability of the battery. If your work outside the office requires a battery of 3 hours, then try to measure whether your laptop is sufficient to serve it. If it's only 1/3 then it's time for you to look for a new laptop

#2 Performance is not meet for modern software 

Your laptop is slowing down for modern operating systems. Even memory is said to not meet your daily needs so it's time to replace your laptop. Try calculating the time you open the application you normally use. And see how many times you experience problems such as hang up, slow response, or waiting for more than 1 minute for a simple process then it's time to buy a new laptop.

#3 Less Responsive when you need it urgent

You are given the opportunity of a work presentation and then you open the file and play a demonstration video. And your laptop opens it slowly, makes your heart flutter and also upset? maybe it's a good reason to replace the laptop.

#4 Need more space in your life

Your old laptop is heavy (> 2 kilos) and you need a laptop that is lighter, stronger, and more attractive so it's time to replace the newer

#5 More feature that make you more productive

You might see that active pen can help you more productive, you might see dual screen will help you to multitask, and you see that the convertible will help you more productive. this is a good time to upgrade


#6 Better Screen Better Experience

More color depth, more color resolution, new display technology (OLED, LCD, ect), and more color accurate will help you to work better and life better. If your screen cracked, your lcd is dull, there is a good point to upgrade 


#7 Having a specific budget 

You have a budget! this is the most important thing that you need! never buy a new laptop without a fix budget. You can save your budget start from right now and might be you can get your new laptop ini two or three years later. 

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