Agile method and ALM

In a hurry?

Building in a three months or less, well you can depend on Agile method like eXtreme Programming (XP) or Scrum. In this article I will show you several things to do if you wish to use XP as your Agile method.

XP flashback

First of all, XP need a discipline. Forget it, if you have a team that have no spirit to work in time and always postponed their tasks. You can read the entire tasks in Meier's Blog. The entire tasks is not a must, you can use it when you are really need it. If you are a new kids on the block of XP try to buy the books below

my XP

If you need more simple way to adopt the XP. I constructs a tiny XP method called my-XP. my-XP is a mini implementation of the XP. In my-XP, we just need several artifacts which are

the rest of it is just well tested code. test driven model focused in creating test unit and then evaluates your code. If you are using Visual Studio 2010 ALM or others IDE like Eclipse you can get free unit test tool. several references below



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