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Inflation is everywhere, budget cut happens as a tradition. The first budget cut happens on training. Many training spent training cost, travelling cost, and time. PluralSight and WintellectNow has a good solution for you. In this post, I will compare both subscriptions for you. Really thanks for both organization that give me an opportunity to enjoy their services.


The most complete self-learning package. it has good features as well as mobile features for your IPAD or even Android.

What’s Good

  • A lot of material and courses
  • Rich Learning artifacts. it is more than video (exercises, assessment)
  • Covers Microsoft and (less) MIcrosoft technology
  • Faster update on new technology course
  • Provides grants for educational institution
  • Good player with quality option

This is still the best self learning package out there, I love the assessment model. However, it lacks of learning plan sometime I lost focus which one that I should learn first on same beginner course. The trainer speech sometime too fast, but the lyric help me a lot



The most casual learning on the market. It has better structure in term course and easy to understand language even for foreigner like me

What’s Good

  • Schedule your learnin plan on your Queue system.
  • Codes samples and simple navigation
  • Easy to understand language for non english people
  • Simple navigation and searching

It is a new comer, but come with good quality learning and simple user interface, However, it lacks of quality options for slow connection and others access such as mobile. Somekind it has a long story before we start to create some code.







Which one is better? BOTH !, the limitation will be budget and value, but both of them is worthed for learning lover.

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