ALM Minimalist

Enterprise inlines the solution within business. It means any action that create a solution should provide values. Values mean productivity, revenue gain, or cost effeciency. Simply said that values related directly with the business.

Last month, we should create a software engineering framework based on tight project management and approval model, as fine as minimalist approach. The proposed solution is called ALM minimalist. So how we create an ALM minimalist, here are the steps:

  • We select the starting template. In this step we are using MSF for Agile. MSF for Agile is choosen because the mature is in the middle between Scrum and CMMI
  • We breakdown and make an effor to understand their project management habits. It is including their approval models and validation model
  • We compose the artifact that minimalist enough

As a result we get the templates as a follow:

  • Vision and Scope document
  • Functional Specification Document
  • Master Plan Document
  • Project Execution Reporting document
  • Project Delivery Acceptance form
  • Project Closure document

That’s it, hope it will help you to compose a minimalist document for ALM purpose

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