Agile Estimation? The Story of Kano Model

Kano Model

This article will cover you the basic uderstanding about the Kano Model. Kano from the name of Dr. Kano, is a quality mode or estimation model based on the user requirements. Model Kano works suitable with CTQ (Critical to Quality) characteristics. CTQ will remember you what the Agile principles said “YAGNI” – You aren’t gonna need it. YAGNIS is a principle when we want to develop a software feature for the tomorrow requirement without the need from the user. CTQ has three categories

  • Must be / Essentialy Needed / Basic
  • Deliver Performances / Business Value / Performance
  • Delighter / Nice to Have / Excitement

Please beware that the priority is different than story points on a user story. it justifies a feature based on priority. Some peoples also use M-L-E-I-R-Q model (please the reference for more information about this). it gives you a wide selection of priority and it will be great if you use questioner for this approach, whereas the three categories above is great when it is implemented for observation or interview.

Quick Steps on Agile Estimation

  • Choosing the right model of requirements approaches (interview, observation, or questioner).
  • Choosing the right model for priority model (Kano, MOSCOW, simple numeric, etc)
  • Sort out the story based on its priority
  • Give the story its story points.
  • Measuring the release length and iteration length.
  • Filling the user story into the iteration release. you can put the story based on several technique such as normalism techniques (gaussian), important thing first, or equality technique


For example, I have questionere the potential users. and use KANO model with M-L-E-I-R-Q. I got

3 story M, L, E

7 story I

3 story R, and Q

Let’s make it simple, if M, L, and E category has 20 story points so that I have 60 points (3 x 20), if I story has 10 points therefore I will have 70 points (7 x 10), and if R & Q has 5 points, I will have 15 points (5 x 3). It has 95 points.

If my team has velocity of 30 story points, and the contract is based on cost scope on two months. Therefore it will have only 60 story points / realease. It shows that the project doesn’t cover the 35 points (95 – 60 points). It means you should select only 40 points from the I classification feature.

In order to select the I features, you should re-priotize or do others requirements process to sort the I features based on the user need. You should remove 30 points and pick only 40 points from release plan


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