Development Activities on Visual Studio Online

After estimating and planning, it is time to develop the software. Visual Studio Online provides you a set of tools to improve the team collaboration. This article will cover several features that van be used for collaborate, codes, and test.


Visual Studio Online provides the team room. Team room is a IM based model that not only provide IM features but also track and audits the codes and checks in. You can read the description of this feature here “Collaborate your Team with Team room on Visual Studio Online”

Links to additional team rooms on Rooms page






Codes Review

Pair programming on ALM minimalist can be done through the feature of Visual Studio such as codes review. Codes review is a way to implement manual code quality review through Visual Studio. Please read “Code Review on Visual Studio”

Submit request button on the filled out new code review page in the team explorer












Unit Test

Unit test is “strange” but usefull. You might be hear test driven development (TTD).  TTD is a way when developer create a test first and after that create the codes. You will remember the concept of test first design. In Visual Studio Online, the developer can easily create unit test and run it just like before. You can read this article “Creating Unit Test On Visual Studio Online”

Unit test project template












Get Feedback to the Stakeholder

After an iteartion of a project. It will be good idea to request a feedback from the stakeholder. ALthough, you can send an email and tell them to test it. Visual Studio Online through Microsoft Feedback system can get more detail on the feature feedback from the stakeholder. You can read “Get feedback from your customer”:

Start the feedback session











Automated Build

On traditional development, you might build the codes before the codes is commited. On Visual Studio Online, the build will be automatically done when the user checked in. You can to automatic build by reading this “Build Check In”

Go to builds page









Creating Test Plan

There are several resrung that can be done in Visual Studio Online. You can read the how to create test plan on Visual Studio Online.

  • Test Case. small unit of test
  • Test Plan, several test case that combined into a scenario or features.
  • Test Suite, is a combination of test plan and others test that can be happen outside the Visual Studio.

New button in the test plan explorer pane and then choose requirement-based suite











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