Do we still need Visual Studio, when Visual Studio codes dominates?

As you can see, the visual studio code is getting stronger. The capability, the maturity, and the extensibility of the Visual Studio Codes is getting stronger. So the basic question is. do we still need the Visual Studio? this article will answer the 5 reason why you still need Visual Studio and 5 reason why you don't need visual studio.

We need Visual Studio if:

  • Rich codes editing and collaboration support
  • Rich drag-drop support and external integration with the others tools (Unity, etc.)
  • Multi-platform desktop support including the emulator and simulator 
  • Automation and data driven modelling 
  • Advanced debugging, diagnostics, testing 
We don't need visual studio if:
  • quick scripting and editing 
  • web designing and script debugging 
  • small footprint and faster coding 
  • extension and architecture 
  • Simple and faster debugging 
how about you? do you prefer visual studio or visual studio codes. please put the comment below

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