References is not detected although the Nuget is Restored on Visual Studio 2015


You get the codes from your friend, and you get it from TFS. However, it shows that the references are not found although you already restore the Nuget package

Possible Cause

This problem can be caused by several reasons such as:

  • Visual Studio Hasn't refresh yet
  • Not all package is installed by Nuget, such as 3rd party component installer that install the references through global assembly cache
  • The references that is downloaded is not on correct version

Proposed Solution

In order to force Visual Studio 2015 is refreshed, please do following things

  • Clean the /packages folder on your solution and re-download the solution through restore Nuget package
  • Create a new folder such as /lib folder and put any global assembly to that folder and reference it locally. For example, if I use Telerik Components, I just add Telerik.Web.UI.dll to the /lib folder and references to that folder
  • Make sure you ask your peer developer the version that they used, or visit the bin library and see the detail about the library
  • Reload the project and rebuild the project

Happy coding everyone, if you have questions, please drop me the question on the comment below

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