Introducing Workloads on Visual Studio 2017


One of the biggest problem when installing Visual Studio is to limit the installation files based on the user needs. This article will provide you basic information to answer this question

What workload that I need to install in order to build this kind of software?


In order to answer the question, this table will help you to justify what we need to install.

I need to build …

I need to install … workload


Modern app that uses Microsoft Store infrastructures such as Xbox, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 IOT

Universal Windows Platform Development


Modern App that can work on modern Windows such as Windows 7, 8, and 10

.NET Desktop Development


High-Performance App that can work on Windows XP and later

Windows Desktop Development


Modern web app based on, JavaScript, and HTML

Web Development


Cool stuff based on Cloud Computing technology such as Microservices, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Automation Infrastructure

Azure Development


Extension or plugins on Office and Office 365 SharePoint

Office Development

Plugins-Like & Cloud

Build web app based on server-side JavaScript technology

Node JS Development


Create automate solution such as data cleansing, integration, and big data in the top of SQL Server

Data Storage & Processing

Plugins-like & Cloud

Native-like mobile app on any platform that uses C# language

Mobile development on.NET

Mobile Multi-Platform

Non-Native mobile app on any platform that uses JavaScript and HTML language

Mobile development with JavaScript

Mobile Multi-Platform

Native mobile app on iOS and Android that use C++ language

Mobile development with C++


High-performance game that can work on Windows, Xbox, even Steam with C++

Game Development with C++


Native-like video game that can work on any platform such as Xbox, PlayStation, even Android with C# language

Game Development with Unity

Desktop Multi-Platform

Automate the visual studio by developing any extension

Visual Studio Extension Development

Plugins Like & Cloud

Linux application that builds on C++

Linux Development with C++



Doesn't find the workload

If you can't find the workload such as building UML diagram, LINQ generator, Coded-UI test, Obfuscator, or PHP development. Don't panic you still can use individual component (Visual Studio Installer) OR go to the extension manager by visiting this

Happy coding!

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