Is Live Unit Testing Worth?

If You are test-driven development lover, you might already now about the live unit testing. Live unit testing is additional feature from Visual Studio Enterprise 15.4 (2017). It provides a new way to execute unit testing automatically without invoking the test runner. It works on MSTEST, NUNIT, and XUNIT testing framework.

Without Live Unit Testing

  • Run unit testing by using test runner
  • Manually run the test through test explorer

With Live Unit Testing

  • Automatically run unit testing especially the fail one
  • On screen testing result (the testing result displayed in the editor)

Is Live unit testing worth?

If you have several codes with just thirty classes to test, the live unit testing is worth! But if you have hundred classes the unit test will become a memory consuming and processor hogging. You can see the video tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia in this video.

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