Five things that you need to care when you manage community events

As Microsoft MVP or Certified Trainer manages an event is part of their daily life. Yesterday, I joined a task force to held prestigious international events namely TEDx UGM. My role as Event Manager should make sure the event runs successfully with the fruitful memory of the event. Here are some tips for all of you who want to manage community events successfully.

#1 Brand is everything

Sell your event with well-known brand, show the uniqueness based on the existing brand. Rather than create a new event name do co-licensing the event by adopting the rules and brands. You can create AI workshop, but it is better if you collaborate with Microsoft to do Microsoft Developer Camp based on Microsoft Brand. However, following a brand mean you should comply with their rules and terms.

#2 Selecting Your Participant

If your event is free event, make sure you selected the event by confirming and selecting the candidate. Having 100 participants for free events mean you will get 50% or less. Therefore, it will be good idea to do triple times conformation starting on first registration, confirming the seat, and final call on d-1 events. Having terms & condition will help to make sure participant will obey the event expectation.

#3 Building Your Dream Team

Dream team doesn't mean ten people who can do anything. Dream team means a team that ready to learn the role and understand the event that will be held. They should understand that they don't work in a common workhour. For example, one day before event they should do recap and event simulation to make sure event running well.

#4 Content is Everything

Yes, you should prepare the content with proper curation. It starts from the rundown agenda for the event, creating the detail of each topic, creating a template to make sure consistency, creating the draft content, improving the content with curation, and adding several demonstration or video.

#5 Boosting PR with Social Media

This is somewhat that forgotten, you should do PR by creating some announcement in social media, creating publication material, doing streaming, quizzes, photos session, ads and might be follow up some questions from your event by creating QnA. Build a community and creating fans for your content and events.

Ready for your community event?

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