Five Things that you need to learn as a Software Engineer in Industry 4.0 era

My career is started when all the software engineer talked about object-oriented programming. The rich client user interface, Dynamic Web, and Integrated development environment so popular in that era (2000'). 18 years pass, the software engineer become more than 'science' than a 'fiction.' We see a lot of good software who can help society. Starting from online logistic, drone gimbal mode for a selfie, until a smart car that can park itself. What we feel is some of our knowledge is obsolete, and the younger/bright software engineer rises with their know skill in the software engineering field. On this post, I will show you five things that you need to learn as a software engineer in this era.

Learn a Javascript

Javascript is everywhere. It is on the client side in your browser and server side in your server (e.x. Angular). Starting from mobile, web, to the desktop. So if you are a developer, please learn javascript Now. My favorite place to learn is in W3School or Pluralsight

Learn a Cloud Computing technology

You will see a lot of technology need cloud computing as a backend infrastructure, so my big bet is to learn cloud computing technology to improve your productivity. My favorite place to learn is in Microsoft learn.

Learn a DevOps

I saw many efficiencies builds by the automation in mind. Azure DevOps, Github, and MSBuild are just several examples of how you can simplify deployment and development lifecycle. You can learn DevOps on any sites, but my favorite is on Coursera.

Learn a Data science

The data culture driven drives you to an era where anything should be considered through data. Machine Learning. Deep Learning and Probabilistic Programming will become significant trends in five years ahead. You can learn a lot of data science at eDX.

Learn a 21st Century Skill

Don't put me wrong; you also need a boost for your career not only the technical aspect. There are a lot of smart people who can learn the four things that I mentioned. Not only technical stuff, you also need to learn how to build your creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, even your personal branding in the social media era. My favorite go to LinkedIn learning

Have any other place to learn? Please share in the comment below.

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