Is Android Tablet Suitable for IT Worker?

If you are mobile worker, you might have a dream to bring the 2 in 1 device that light and powerful. For this purpose, you can spend your dollars to buy Windows 2 in 1 device or Android Tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 or S4. I spent couple days to work with Android tablet. And this is my opinion about Android Tablet for IT worker like you.

Information worker.

You have everything to work with Android Tablet. You will have full suite Office, Adobe CS, Reading a book, Conference tool, and several productivity stuff. Android works great for the productivity matter. You have a lot option! Don't forget about the special feature like Samsung Dex. You will amaze, how the Android features will help you keep productive. However, you will face problem if you need more advanced scenario. For example, you want to manage your research citation, doing advanced layout in PowerPoints, or creating an ePub document.

IT Professional

If you are website, network, cloud, or even Office 365 administrator. You will be thankful to the software that available for you. You can use a lot of software for your need such as SCP, SSH, Office 365 admin, Azure portal, Google Ads, Analytics, etc. You will have control to manage your infrastructure. There is no issue at all when you want to manage your Hypervisor in the cloud, creating a script, or executing a cloud shell. However, you will see a limitation of the screen size when managing a lot of stuff. Fortunately, you can connect to HDMI monitor, but it will help if only your devices is a modern device with Samsung Dex.


Developer will face serious challenges. You can't run your codes since there is no Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Android Studio (Android build an Android software :D). Some codes editor available but its limited. You will get help multi-tasking in Android since its really limited. Copy pasting will be help but not fast enough comparing with Windows.


  • Android tablet great for your mobile work if you are casual information worker or IT professional
  • Forget to use Android tablet if you are specific information worker such as researcher, video editor, or Youtuber.
  • You will get better battery with Android tablet but less power and small screen
  • Developer don't dream to use tablet for your weapon, it will limit your productivity
  • Last but not least, Android tablet still need a lot of work to fulfill the gap between full desktop and smartphone.

Are you work with your Android tablet? Please share your experience!


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