Ten Things that you need to know in Microsoft Build

As you know, Microsoft Build is the inspiration, learnings and innovation around the latest development tools in Microsoft and Cloud ecosystem. Today, we discuss 10 things that you need to know in Microsoft Build 2019 as a session recap. There are 343 sessions in Microsoft Build. You have plenty of videos that you can watch to understand the vision of Microsoft strategy in the cloud. As a result, here are tens things that you might be interested in Microsoft Build.

  • The Azure Kinect. If you love natural user interface, Microsoft provides the new Kinect with the support of AI and Azure. You can watch the video here
  • A new speech model with Azure. Want to build solution like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. Go ahead this session will be great for you
  • Simplify the user sign in and authentication. You have so much trouble handle Azure AD and Open ID. This video will tell you what's wrong
  • .NET Roadmap. .NET getting stronger as a platform to build anything. Watch this session and you will know why .net is so powerful
  • So we have a GraphQL (Graph Query Language). It will help you to create light and scalable API. You can watch the video here
  • Microsoft Teams automation. Today, Microsoft Teams officially supported in Graph API. You can see the capability here
  • Visual Studio 2019 productivity update. You can see the video here
  • All the developer things. We discuss end to end developers stuff that you can count on.
  • AI Things for Developer. We discuss an easy way to apply AI in your application. You can view here
  • Xamarin Mobile App and ASP.NET Core web API better together. You can view here

And if you want to watch 10 minutes recaps here are the video.

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