Software Engineering Research Landscape in 2019

In the era of AI and Industry 4.0, I am wondering what is the role of software engineering? What current trend in software engineering research? And What the next agenda of software engineering research. This article will give you a sort insight based on current trend of software engineering in ACM SIGSOFT

The Most Cited Researches all the time

  • Unit Testing
  • Software Architecture
  • Source Code Automation
  • System Optimization
  • Bugs and Defect

Subject Areas all the time

  • Software Testing and Debugging
  • Software Development and Process Management
  • Software and Its Engineering
  • Designing Software

Current trends on Software Engineering

  • Automated Testing with Machine Learning, AI, or DNN
  • Test Plan and Combinatorial Model
  • Issues and Change Tracking
  • Conflict and Project management
  • Software Process Model (DevOps, etc.)

That's it. Hopefully we can focus with the current research landscape software engineering.

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